Actuaries Day: A Tribute To The Founding Father

Kudos to our very first ACTUARIES DAY!!


Finally, the wait is over people for our day when IAI announced that it has been decided to celebrate 21st August, the birthday of Late Shri L S Vaidyanathan, as “Actuaries Day” every year.


Late Shri L S Vaidyanathan was the first Actuary of India who helped in establishing Actuarial Profession in India which ultimately helped Indian Insurance Industry post-nationalisation.


His interest in mathematics lead him to the teaching profession and later on the scholarship from Bombay government he landed onto studying actuarial science. After obtaining his fellowship in 1926 Vaidyanathan joined Oriental Government Security Life Assurance Co. Ltd as Assistant Actuary and also he worked as a part-time Professor in Actuarial science in Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics, Bombay where he inspired many young minds to study actuarial science. And the initiative was taken by him primarily lead to the foundation of the actuarial profession in India and since then this profession is growing and attaining new heights throughout the country.


Just because of his zealous attitude and dedication towards the actuarial science, we students are able to study this splendid course.


On this auspicious day, StepUp Analytics would like to remember and honour him for his valuable contribution in establishing Indian Actuarial Society.

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