Ideal Actuarial CV preparation guide

The best way to predict the future is to create it”~ Abraham Lincoln.

So let’s start creating our dream future, our dream job through the very first step of the job application. A CV is your professional story in a nutshell.It is about who you are and who you want to be in your professional life. You must stand out of the crowd by writing a compelling CV.

“No one creates a perfect resume on their first try. Writing a perfect resume is a messy process, but the easiest way to start is by simply getting in the right mindset and putting pen to paper.” ~ Matthew Cross


The Actuarial profession is a very highly rated profession but the job market is very thin in India (Companies hiring actuarial freshers in India). So it is vital to make a chance for yourself to get interviewed in the company of your choice by perfecting your CV. Since CV making is the first and foremost step in your job application a great deal of work and focus is required in creating an ideal CV. Here are a few points to consider while writing a CV for Actuarial Science positions (Different types of actuaries) and present yourself to your best advantage while making application. First we will look into some points regarding the resumes in general.

  • The most important thing in making a CV is that your CV must look clean and simple at the very first glance.
  • One must stick to the standard fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman or Calibri.
  • The ideal font colour is black.
  • Coming to the font size- the font size should be between 10-12 for the content and 14-16 for the headings.
  • Always use a professional and impactful language but be careful not to sound arrogant or over-confident.
  • Write the relevant achievements and qualifications in chronological order.

Coming over to Actuarial CV in particular the following need to be taken into the account.

  • For freshers the CV should be 1 A4 sheet and for the experienced people CV can have maximum 2 sides of A4 sheet. Recruiters take hardly 1 minute to read the CV. So it is essential that they should be able to pick up the relevant points easily from the CV. So keep the content simple, clear and brief.
  • Since the jobs opportunities in the pure Actuarial field are very less you should try for other related fields and hence you need to customize your CV If you are applying for an actuarial position either write the number of papers you have cleared first in your qualification or highlight them separately. If you are applying for a non-actuarial position write about your knowledge in various topics of Actuarial papers that you have cleared in your qualification section.
  • While mentioning the Actuarial papers never write about the papers you are going to clear or have currently written the exam. Recruiters are only interested in the papers that you have cleared and not the papers you are currently doing.

Given below is a sample format for an Actuarial CV.

Personal details
  • Personal details section comprise of name, e-mail, phone number, state, country and LinkedIn link (optional).
  • Write the name in the bigger font than the rest of things.
  • It is not required to put your photo, gender, marital status, house address, etc.
  • Present your summary in the best possible way. Use specific statements for the job you have applied. Customize your CV according to the job and company you are applying for. Write down the job type, field and sub-field you are going to work.
    • If you are applying for an Actuarial position specify the specialization like P&C, general insurance, life insurance, pension etc.
  • Mention what you have achieved from your previous jobs rather than explaining what was your work.
  • Start from your recent qualifications.
    • For Actuarial Science CV  It is necessary to mention your actuarial qualification first and highlight it separately. Mention the name of institute from which you have cleared the paper like IFoA, IAI etc., subject cleared, year and month of passing and marks.
    • For non-Actuarial CV If you are applying for a non-actuarial position never mention anything your Actuarial Science credentials directly. You can write sentences that indirectly mention what you have studied in Actuarial Science. e.g: Mathematical Finance by “The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries” which teaches the application of mathematical and statistical techniques to assess the financial impact of risks occurring within the finance, insurance and other industries.
  • Then mention other credentials like your college degree, schooling etc.
  • Put the qualification in a tabular format.
Computer Skills
  • Mention your IT and programming skills here. For Actuarial Science and related fields the essential computer skills are Excel, Word, PowerPoint, VBA, R, Python, SQL and SAS.
  • Write all your vital skills which an actuarial employer value like
    • Certificates, academic achievements and awards received
  • volunteer experience
  • languages
  • typing speed
  • math, economics, statistical and other financial skills
  • It is not required to mention common skills like communication, team spirit, etc. separately. Those should be understood while reading your CV and need to be proved in your interview.
  • Hobbies must highlight your personality and tell about you.
  • Do not mention vague things like playing, watching TV, listening music etc.
  • References can be supplied later.

Always be honest in your CV. Always proofread before you finalize your CV. If possible get it reviewed by someone else because they may bring to your notice many things that you have forgotten or not noticed. Best wishes to all applying for jobs!

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