How To Increase Your Chances Of Landing An Entry Actuarial Job

Make opportunities knock your door of success.

In the present competitive market, landing up in an entry level actuarial job is not a cakewalk. There are some advices that might help you to reach upto a start for your actuarial career. First key to land up in an actuarial job is get an interview call which can be done by a strong resume. Your resume should be precise and to the point.

As a fresher, an ideal resume should not be more than one page. The first section of your resume should have your experience like any internship done (if, any) which is followed by Actuarial exam passed and than other
educational qualifications and further software skills and interests.

To outstand among hundreds of applicants, one should have good knowledge of software. Now when our industry is moving towards automation, having good knowledge of software like MS-EXCEL, VBA, R, SQL, SASS etc. can act as a plus point for getting a call for an interview.

Now, if you have the perfect resume and sound knowledge of software, the main task is how to reach companies with your resume. You should be active on sites that help in landing up a job like LinkedIn. Connect to people from the same profession, talk to them, get to know how they work, the nature of work and send your resume through them. A referral mostly increases your chances to get a call for the interview.

Practice is the key to success in every sector the same goes with actuarial science, clearing actuarial exams are not enough to pass an interview, clarity of concepts are way much important. So, go through your study materials, and revise your passed exam as much as you can. Remember clearing exam is mostly about “ How the procedure is done?” but clearing an interview is all about “ Why the procedure is done?”

Persistence is the other quality that one should incorporate in themselves, don’t give up if you get rejected in an interview. Analyze your interview, see where you lack behind and work harder on that portion. Being persistent will lead you an entry-level job which will be followed by becoming a fellow.

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