How can I apply for financial aid for multiple classes at Coursera?

As of the present, you can apply for scholarships or Coursera financial aid for each Course of a Specialization (or without) individually. They ask you to fill out three forms, asking you to state your motivation for taking the course, how that course would help you in furthering your career, and lastly, why should you be considered for the scholarship.

Fill these out as genuinely as you can, stating (not overtly so) your goals and achievements and motivations. Also, mention your financial status necessarily as that’s a major basis.

After you do that, sit back and relax. After a few days, go to the My Purchases section for your Coursera account, and go to Transactions thereon. If you see your course listed with “$0 USD”: congratulations!
It’s really easy, trust me. I applied for 3 courses and got a scholarship for each. 😉

P.S. – There’ll be a deadline before which you’ve got to earn the Certificate or else you’ll have to pay for it, later than that. Step By Step Application form for Financial Aid:

Step 1:

One need to check all the three option and type the exact sentence in the text box below.

Financial Aid in Coursera

Step 2: Your ID should be verified in Coursera and the same name appears in the certificate of accomplishment. 

Step 3: You need to fill in the below details, If you are a student mention annual income as zero and proceed with the application.

Financial Aid in Coursera

Step 4:  This is what matters and becomes a deciding factor for your financial help approval or rejection. One needs to clearly elaborate the genuine need on why you need financial AID and how will it help you. Try and through some lights on your previous association and learning experience with Coursera.

If you ever participated in some events where this topics or concepts were used talk about that. You need to write the minimum of 150 words and try to be as genuine as possible.

Financial Aid in Coursera


Step 5: If you are a student mark this as NO and proceed with submission. In case you are into the job and can effort to pay some amount check on Yes and submit the application.
Financial Aid in Coursera
Good luck and happy learning!

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