Ethical Hacking using Linux-Information gathering using Dmitry

What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical Hacking is basically hacking done for a good purpose under authorization of proper authorities to bring down rogue or criminal hacking groups. Basically there are various tools for hacking like Nmap, Dmitry, Wireshark, Aircrack, Etc and are provided mostly in Linux based Operating systems,which are the ideal choices for both “good” and “bad” hackers as these tools are very powerful and the “Real” hacking as you know it is only done using Linux.

I shall post some pictures of these tools (nmap) being used in your favourite movies like the Matrix! 🙂 Oh and we will gather information on Emails and subdomains of a particular website and a whois lookup(Looking up information on a website’s server OS, address, IP, etc)

What do we need?

A Linux distro from the Debian family like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian itself or Kali Linux basically anything that can install Dmitry using its package manager.

To download Dmitry (Deepmagic Information Gathering Tool) enter this command
sudo apt-get install dmitry
and that’s it!
Let’s do this!

So open your terminal and type in “Dmitry” and you should see the following output:
This means you have successfully installed Dmitry! so let’s start the magic! In this article i will only show you three basic commands and the rest will be shown in the future articles,note that every command starts with the name of the program and the parameters “-X” where x is any letter that indicates a certain function in the program followed by a space and the targets ip,Also note that we need the ip address of the website you want to lookup so we can find ip of any domain name by running a simple command in the terminal “ping <>”

  • The first command is dmitry -i <some ip address> . Here we replace the ip address with that of a website we want to lookup, let’s say (, its IP is and you will see various informati0n regarding country of origin, server status, IP addresses, subnet masks, etc
  • The second command is dmitry -s <domain name> which is used to find sub domains of any domain/website(any website which has its own name followed by the main
  • The Third command is dmitry -e <domain name> which can return results on various email id’s associated with a domain (Dont try because it can return a lot of results :P) you can try a server like which i believe is a polish email server that my dad uses…but anyways once you do that you will see various email id’s associated with it and some email id’s of big companies that you can cross check using google search

Well, guys that was it for today and i will show you some more commands in upcoming tutorials, But! please do not use this tool for malicious activities and especially the tools that I will show you in the future. They can land you in jail if you use them for malicious activities and I am not responsible for how you use these tools!

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