Workshop On Data Science Using Python And Advance Excel

Workshop at Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh

Why Learn Python?

A good Data Scientist is a passionate coder statistician, and there’s no better programming language for a statistician to learn than Python. It’s a popular skill among Big Data analysts and Data Scientists most sought after by some of the biggest brands. In addition, Python’s commercial applications increase by the minute, and companies appreciate its versatility.

Objectives of workshop

Python is an open-source and freely available. Unlike SAS or Matlab, you can freely install, use, update, clone, modify, redistribute and resell Python.

  • Python is a powerful scripting language. As such, R can handle large, complex data sets. R is also the best language to use for heavy, resource-intensive simulations and it can be used on high-performance computer clusters.
  • Python is cross-platform compatible. R can be run on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It can also import data from Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, and other programs.
  • Python To help the participants to familiarize with the R Programming language and data analysis.
  • Python To train the participants in accessing data from various domains.
  • To develop confidence as an independent Python Programmer, and data analyst.

Who Should attend the workshop?

I. Faculty of science

  1. Department of statistics
  2. Department of mathematics
  3. Masters in computer application (MCA)
  4. Department of remote sensing.

II. Faculty of arts

  1. Department of economics
  2. Department of psychology

III. Faculty of engineering

IV. Faculty of management

V. Anyone who wants to learn and use python or wants to up-skill them self are welcome to this workshop


Name: Muquayyar Ahmed
Education: BTech (Electronics and Communication)
Profile Description: Ahmed has 5 years of experience in Data Science. He has worked on different tools and technologies including Text mining, Data Mining, Image Mining, R and Python. He has executed multiple projects in different domains includes Healthcare, Pharma, BFSI, Telecom etc. Currently working in TCS as Senior Data Scientist”

Course Brochure

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