Data Science Learning Paths

This is a shortcut path to start studying Data Science. Just follow the steps to answer the questions, “What is Data Science and what and all should I study to learn Data Science?” for data science learning.
First of all, Data Science is one of the hottest topics on the Computer and Internet and in the IT Industries. People have gathered data from applications and systems until today and now is the time to analyse and mine useful information from them. The next steps are producing suggestions from the data and creating predictions about the future.  StepUp Analytics, this website helps you to understand the exact and proper way to study in order to pursue a career in data science.
Secondly, we commit all our projects to GitHub. Here you will have access to many data science projects on Machine Learning, Hadoop stack, Data Science using Python etc. Our YouTube Channel that you can subscribe for latest Data Science video tutorial.

What is Data Science?

How to get started with Data Science?

Data Science Resources: This is a GitHub repository of data science tutorials to help you conquer data science skill set.
Text Books in Data Science: If you love reading books and refer some of it, here is a compiled list of  best books on machine learning, data mining, statistics, data visualization etc.

Get Registered to MOOC’s
Competitions that one should participate

Data Set Repository
One can use these Data Set Repositories to implement any machine learning algorithms, Hadoop and Big Data college Projects or corporate POCs.

Follow Data Science Geeks on GitHub
These fellows are Data Science Enthusiast, following there GitHub Repositories will keep you updated on whats happening in the world of Data Science.
If you want to progress in your data science journey all you have to do is, choose your category and follow the data science learning diligently.
If you have any questions, doubts or suggestions drop in you comment below and we will be happy to answer them.
If you want to make your own learning path share it with us how are you planning to follow you journey of becoming a data scientist and we will love to amend that here.!!