Anaplan – Cloud Based Business Planning Platform

The supply chain is the process of delivering the products and services to the customer from supplier. These services include people, organizations, and information, etc. The supply chain used in the transportation of goods, raw materials, and finished products to the business/end user. Anaplan is one such application immerging these days.

What is Anaplan

Anaplan is a cloud-based business enterprise, works on the single hub where we can create and use the business planning models. Anaplan is a new platform challenging existing tools in the market regarding corporate performance and management solutions. It is a cloud-based business modelling and planning platform, an alternative to ERP and Systems integrator business enterprises.

The main aim of Anaplan is providing utterly cloud-based platform to the financial services. The not only economic purpose it also provides solutions for workday and salesforce to hold the data as much as available.

The Anaplan solutions used to a built-in memory of 64 bit, multicore platform and delivered through a cloud-based platform. Anaplan has already started providing their services to some large and small enterprises like McAfee, Aviva, Kimberly_clarke and many similar firms.

Due to Anaplan’s flexibility, it can be used to serve the financial, commercial and planning operation model. These models easily integrate with other models. Anaplan models can be built from scratch and can be customized based on pre-delivery models like:

  • Cash flow planning
  • Balance sheet
  • Financial consolidation
  • Insurance premium modelling and claims analysis
  • Traditional p&l
  • Sales forecasting
  • Territory planning
  • Quota management etc.

Anaplan can change according to the market, trying to reduce the cost, risk, and increase the efficiency. This is possible when Anaplan brings all the s&op, supply planning, and demand management together, and enables the decision making throughout the supply chain. Anaplan can connect the other models like sales and finance through the network. Anaplan provides features, that can improve visibility and collaboration in our business with ease.

With the help of Anaplan Cloud-Based Platform, implementing following tasks are made easy

  • Supply chain
  • Strategic management
  • Demand planning management
  • Product portfolio management
  • Sales and operation

Anaplan Supply Chain

When we compared the supply chain with old days now, it’s better. Years ago, many companies used ERP for their business tracking and collaboration. Later companies use the combination of ERP and planning spreadsheets. By using this spreadsheets lot of issues occur in the future as planning becomes messy. To overcome these type of problems, we can go with effective supply chain management, i.e., Anaplan.

Supply chain management define the cyclic process of goods and services, from the initial stage of raw material to the final stage of finished goods as products or services. This process deals with supply chain management activities like planning, execution, monitoring and controls the operations. In supply chain management, one of the best features of Anaplan is that it provides total visibility among the suppliers, distributors and production

team. Due to this, the purchase of products or services can be accurate and avoid the risk. Anaplan can also reduce the purchase cost of the product, prevent product shortages and prepared test scenarios executed without fail. This Anaplan’s Cloud-Based Platform connects manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors.

We know that supply chain management is crucial for any business/companies in providing user satisfied services. With the Anaplan, we can improve the following services in a better possible way:

  • Providing advanced customer services
  • Reducing the operational cost
  • Improve financial status, etc.

Supply chain management makes sure that you deliver appropriate products to the customer while working with an array of products in varying quantities. It helps in providing the products to right place on right time. By the supply chain management, we can reduce the operating cost of a product which includes purchasing cost, production cost, and total supply chain cost. Thus reduces the value of fixed assets and increase the cash inflow of the business resulting high-profit leverage.

Supply chain management plays a significant role in Society as well, i.e., medical trips, natural disaster relief activities, etc. When an unexpected natural disaster occurs, the SCM team comes into action, and take the necessary steps in delivering products and services to the customers to make sure of things done on time.

Product portfolio management

Present day markets need an agile view for monitoring their business line. Anaplan platform provides this kind of look to the business team in tracking the product lifecycle, effects of new product introduction, product end life, rates and other. By Anaplan cloud-based platform all the enterprises can efficiently optimize their business line in achieving their organizational goals thus resulting in maximum profits and increase their business share in the market.

Demand Planning

Anaplan Platform collects all the cross-functional business information. Using this information, the planner creates or develop new products, and predict outcomes of the products based on their performance and revenue. Remove the products that show not many results. According to the demand planning, enterprises avoid unexpected issues like natural disasters, labor problems and other.

Sales and operational planning

With the Anaplan platform, you can easily connect the planning, business line, product innovation and trade partners. It also helps you to synchronize planning models(re calibrate planning, test scenarios, operational planning) to fluctuate business.

Strategic policy management

For every successful supply chain management, requires the correct foundation. With the capabilities of Anaplan strategic management, the business can create policies to multiple groups of end users and products. Anaplan provides connection among network, inventory and products, and customer segmentation. This can help you make rules and policies to support supply chain management.


For the next few generations of supply chain management, Anaplan provides the better models enabling transparency about the product delivery system, thus resulting from improved trust factor for the organization form the customers. Cloud based platform and agile view are currently most used features that are appreciated by the organizations that have already started using the Anaplan plan supply chain management.


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