Actuary Day: Ask Me Anything Session


Nikhil Gupta is a Qualified General Insurance Actuary with 10+  years of experience having worked across London, Singapore, Delhi and currently in Dubai.


Recipient of Meena Sidhwani Award from IAI and Vipin Sareen Scholarship at Cass Business School, London.


Domain Experience
Worked across all domains of actuarial science and been in an appointed actuary role for last 5 years.


Hobbies: Reading, Golf, Speaking on Investing topics and traveling.

How to join the webinar: Goto Metting Link, Join the session 10 mins before the scheduled time.

Meeting Details:

Ask Me Anything – Live Talk by NIKHIL GUPTA 
Tue, Aug 21, 2018 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM IST

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Tell us something about your education background and actuarial journey so far?
I’ve done B.Tech in ECE from Delhi followed by MSc Actuarial Management from Cass Business School, London.

Q. Qualified as Fellow in 2012 with a specialization in General Insurance?
Overall 10+ years of experience in which I’ve moved 5 jobs, changing a country each time. Worked in London, Singapore, India and currently based in Dubai.

Q. Can you tell us about your day-to-day responsibilities at your job?
The roles and responsibilities of an appointed actuary are pretty much standard across the countries covering all aspects of the actuarial domain from pricing, reserving, solvency, reinsurance, and investments along with ensuring the most basic requirement of data accuracy.

Apart from actuarial work, I always keep engaging in business projects where our skills can be utilized.

Q. IAI has announced 21st August as the Actuaries Day. What is your take on this initiative?
Certainly, a great news and initiative. It gives better visibility to the profession and something in common for all actuaries to relate to.

Q. In your opinion, what are the key areas where actuaries add value to the business?
Main value addition happens in the core traditional areas of pricing, investments and reserving ensuring the solvency of the business.

In addition to the above, we’re able to bring to the table a lot of analytics and present the story of numbers which can be at times be contradicting the experience.

Q. With the advent of 2019 Curriculum, what changes do you foresee in the Actuarial profession?
First and foremost, the practical exams equip the students with more hands-on skills. The core technical series is the one where most of the changes are happening which is an initiative to make the base stronger for all actuaries in the making.

Q. Considering the competitive job market for fresher, can you give tips on how to be more employable and also some guidelines on how to ace the interview?
University marks, actuarial exams, extra-curricular activities and programming skills on your cv would certainly help one to get screened for the interview.

Once screened, communication skills play a vital role.

Q. What is your opinion on failure in Actuarial examinations and how should one tackle it?
Actuarial profession is the one where the person faces his first failure. Thus not getting disheartened is the first mantra.

I always say “Pleasure and Pain are part of this profession.  If you are on the right track, then it’s certain that pleasure will make the pain happily bearable.”

Q. Your substantial interest in finance and investments is no less-hidden, so what’s your word to the wise on how to understand the financial news as a beginner?
Focus more on reading and understanding the jargon and automatically financial news will start making sense over time.

Q. Lastly, what is your piece of advice for the budding actuaries?
There’s growing concern among the budding actuaries over job prospects, I would only like to say that it’s the same in all professions, so don’t lose hope. As Krishna has said in Geeta “Set your heart upon the work, not it’s reward”, it shall follow.